Friday, January 21, 2005

Novel Jews

What: Novel Jews Book Club introductory meeting
When: Thursday, February 24, 7pm
Where: Uncle Ming's Bar: 225 Ave. B, 2nd Floor (Bet. 13th & 14th Sts.)
Book: "Gimpel the Fool" by Isaac Bashevis Singer
Price: $5

Novel Jews book club will discuss some of the classics of Jewish literature. People of all ages, tastes and experience are welcome. Novel Jews book club is a 14th Street Y class and is facilitated by Alana Newhouse, Arts and Culture Editor at the Forward.
The book club, after the introductory session, will follow a chronological arc of Jewish literature, beginning with the Yiddish masters of the late 19th-century and ending with the current emerging stars. It meets approximately every 6 weeks, with future dates and location forthcoming.


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